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Online Launch Event

07 JUNE 2023 | 3PM (CET)

The online launch of the Cyprus Futures initiatives took place on 7 June 2023. Here we unpacked, explored and discussed the four scenarios for the future of Cyprus until 2035. Four newly released scenarios for Cyprus are promoting widespread dialogue about the island’s future prospects.  


A diverse group of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots developed these scenarios in recognition of the changing and uncertain context in which the island finds itself.  The set outlines four different possible futures looking towards 2035, incorporating the multiple concerns of Cypriots today including and beyond the Cyprus problem. 


The initiative applies an internationally validated methodology that has been applied at national, regional and global level over more than three decades. 

Cyprus Futures.jpg

Questions during the session

This process has been about imagining different futures for the island of Cyprus. A big part of this involves opening up the conversation for wider dialogue around the scenarios and the future of Cyprus. During the online session we asked participants to respond to two questions around hopes and concerns for the future of Cyprus. Their responses can be seen below.



Learn more about our speakers below.

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